about us

Founded in 2005, our design studio is located in Brick, NJ and is owned & operated by Stephanie Bayard. Stephanie is an alumni of the Art Institute of Philadelphia, where she received six Best of Quarter nominations for her work and graduated on the Dean's List. There she had the opportunity to study both traditional and digital design and illustration, along with a heavy focus on advertising and marketing.

In 2003, Stephanie was hired as a temporary freelancer for Millennium Graphics in Marlboro, NJ, however she quickly was hired to full-time and promoted to Assistant Art Director. The desire to excel in the creative industry then lead Stephanie to Falco Design in East Brunswick to work as their Senior Designer in late 2006.

our design philosophy

We have no specific style and no limited color palette. The only constant we prefer is that your visual communication correctly conveys what your business is all about. You've heard the expression "What you see is what you get," now take a step back and look at your company's marketing efforts. Would you hire you?

We feel there are many ways to broadcast yourself visually, but the efforts are always the same — to come across professional and inviting to new prospects.

our thoughts on you

One of the important rules in business is to know your customers. However what's more important is that your customers know you.

You stand out in many ways from your competitors, and ideally you want that to be common knowledge among your target audience. An un-matched collection of well thought out and designed advertising materials is the perfect way to attract new business and to keep your current clients all “warm & fuzzy” on the inside.

Just one mailer, flyer or banner ad, for example, can speak volumes about your business. It's important to get your message across perfectly, and to have that particular piece radiate your company's persona and all the benefits of choosing you over your competition.